JSB Special Issues

Journal of Spiritual Bodywork - Special Issues


Special Issue No. 1.

Schatz, A. Report on the Church for Spiritual Healing and Health, the Spiritual Massage Healing Ministry, Spiritual Massage Healing, and Co-creative Massage.

General information.

Contents. Journal of Spiritual Bodywork.

Contents. Spiritual Massage Healing Ministry.

Advisory Board for the Journal of Spiritual Bodywork and the Spiritual Massage Ministry Newsletter.

Information about Albert Schatz..

Widespread interest in Spiritual Massage Healing.

Special Issue No. 2

Prostitution and Massage:

Part 1: State Regulation of massage and local ordinances do not reduce prostitution

Part 2: The reality of prostitution

Special Issue No. 3.

Global concern about the environment.

Schatz, A. Worldwide ecological damage threatens our survival as a species.

Special Issue No. 4

Follow the Money Trail to find out why scare tactics tell us secular massage is hamful.

Special Issue - Subtle Energy

Subtle energy is involved in healing, health, and bodywork.

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