MLN Vol.3



Vol. 3. No. 4

Senate Bill 1171's 200-hour training for reflexology is absurd because: People are certified as reflexologists after taking a one-day (7-hour) workshop. Children and church parishioners learn reflexology in an hour or less. And parents can learn reflexology from books.

Vol. 3. No. 3

Oklahoma massage therapy bill is dead.

PA Senate Bill 1171 rests on myths.

Vol. 3. No. 2

Pennsylvania Senate Bill 1171 is unreal. The more proponents try to justify Senate Bill 1171, the more convincing evidence they provide that Senate Bill 1171 is not needed. Why does Senate Bill 1171 require a 200-hour training for reflexologists to massage people's feet? The Red Cross requires only 4- and 9-hour trainings for cardiopulmonary resuscitation to treat people with acute, life-threatening problems.

Senate Bill 1171 is a good example of why Pennsylvania needs a Sunrise Law.

Vol. 3. No. 1

Pennsylvania does not need to regulate massage and does not need Senate Bill 1171.

Pennsylvania senators should find out whether massage causes harm, as Georgia senators did.

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