JSB Vol.1 No.1B

Journal of Spiritual Bodywork

 Vol. 1, No. 1                                             ISSN 1079-8390                                           December 1994



Rev. Albert Schatz, Ph.D.


Part A:
      About the author
      Our journey
      1. What has happened inscience
      2. What is happening in bodywork
      3. "Let there be light"
      4. The Church for Spiritual Healing andHealth
      5. Spiritual healing in the United Kingdom may include massage
      6. Spiritual massage healing is no substitute for medical treatment
      7. Secular massage therapy, spiritual massage healing and holistic massage
      8. Spiritual massage healing
      9. The spiritual massage healer's direction
      10. "Facilitating self-healing"
      11. Prayer and healing
      12. Love and healing
      13. "The rescue ... of our imperiled planet"
      14. Biblical antecedents of healing and spiritual massage healing
      15. The neglected role of women in the history of healing and massage
      16. Early concepts of health, healing and spiritual massage healing
      17. Contemporary healing and spiritual massage healing
      18. Comments on the spiritual nature of massage
      19. Curing versus healing
      20. Secular curing versus spiritual healing
      21. Science, consciousness, love and health
      22. Qualifications for healing and spiritual massage healing
      23. Two realities, two worlds
      24. Caveat emptor
      25. The importance of practice
      26. Spiritual massage healers cannot be certified
      27. Compensation for spiritual massage healers
      28. Spiritual massage healing is different from massage therapy, physical          
            therapy and medicine
      29. Activities of the Church for Spiritual Healing and Health
      30. The Constitution of the United States separates church and state
      31. The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania separates
            church and state
      32. The Constitution of Delaware separates church and state
      33. The Constitution of Connecticut separates church and state
      34.  Court decisions on separation of church and state
      35. The United Nations International Bill of Human Rights guarantees
             religious freedom

Part B:

Bibliography                                                                                                            AppendixA: The Harry Edwards Spiritual Healing Sanctuary in Great Britain.   Appendix B: The National Federation of Spiritual Healers in the United Kingdom.                                                                                                                   Definition of spiritual healing.                                                                                  Medical policy and ethics.                                                                                        Insurance.                                                                                                                                 Legal restrictions.                                                                                                       Appendix C: Some secular health care modalities involve education, not medical treatment.                                                                                                                    Appendix D: Qualifications of practitioners of secular health care modalities which involve education, not medical treatment.                                           Appendix E: Facilitating self-healing                                                                       Appendix F: Edgar Cayce, the "sleeping prophet"

Part B


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Appendix A:

The Harry Edwards Spiritual Healing Sanctuary in Great Britain

The following information is taken from a brochure distributed by the Sanctuary.

What we mean by Spiritual Healing

SPIRITUAL HEALING IS DIVINE HEALING - that is, it comes from God. It is His gift to all the human family regardless of race or creed. Spiritual Healing is not the prerogative of any particular religion and everyone can receive its benefit, even those who have no particular religious beliefs. Spiritual healing is not "faith" healing. The term "faith healing" infers that the success of the treatment depends on the patient's implicit faith in the healer to overcome the trouble. If spiritual healing relied upon the faith of a patient for its results, then we should not see babies (who are incapable of expressing "faith") respond to it; nor would we see healing take place with those for whom help has been sought unbeknown to them, say by a friend or relative; nor for those whose minds are unbalanced. Again, although animals cannot express faith, they also can be helped through spirtual healing.

Whatever the nature of a particular illness may be, whether it be of the body or of the moind, spiritual healing can be a positive help.

Although no promises can ever be given that a healing is goind to take place, at the same time we never limit all that spiritual healing can achieve.


No healer helas of himself; he is used as a channel for healing power to flow through. There has long been abundant evidence to prove that life continues after death and that communication exists between life on this earth and that from the realm of spirit. It is upon theis basis that spiritual healing has its foundations. Where those who have passed on to the higher life, particularly those who have devoted their earthly lives to serving in all brances of the medical profession and have the continued desire to serve mankind; then they are able to do so through attunement with their chosen instruments on this earth. Harry Edwards, the founder of The Sanctuary which bears his name, was recognised as the world's greatest spiritual healer and through his attunement with doctors and specialists in spirit, he was used as a channel, or healing instrument, to help countless thousands of sufferers the world over. Now, Harry Edwards and those who at one time served him from the other side of life, unite in servind all those who are sick or suffering in any way and who turn to The Harry Edwards Spiritual Healiing Sanctuary for help.

Every healing is a planned treatment, administered according to the patient's personal needs. This requires intelligent direction. When we see the so-called "incruable" made well, it implioes that the healing intelligence has a greater knowledge than our doctors at present possess. If the healing intelligence is not human, it can only come from spirit. These spirit intelligences are often referred to as the healers in spirit.


When the healer is in attunement with the healers in spirit who work through him, he is able to give them a "mind picture" of the individual patient's condition from all that the patient has reported to the healer. From this information, the healers in spirit are able to make their own diagnosis and from which they are then able to administer the healing influencing and energies to overcome the particular ill-condition.

It is from the information supplied fy the patient, through brief, weekly written reports, that effective continuity of the healing help is maintained. Therfore, the healer should be kept informed of any particular symptoms, even though they may not appear to be important, so that help can be directed accordingly in order that such symptoms may be overcome. It is worth noting that when subsidiary troubles are included within the healer's intercessions they, also, are very often overcome.


Through years of daily experience and contact with the healing purposes, the ability to attune with the healers in spirit has become just like "second nature" with the healers at The Sanctuary. This state of intercessionary attunement exists when your letters are read and replied to.

Even when progress is taking place satisfactorily, it is desirable to maintain continuity of the healing purpose, through intercession, and therefore the patient's weekly reports are invaluable.

When we do not see all the progress that is expected, and with very urgent needs, constant intercession is maintained.


There is no known disease that cannot be helped through spiritual healing: but no spiritual healing can be effective until the cause has been removed. It is true that the healing can lessen and subdue symptoms, expecially painful conditions, but its main purpose is to overcome the cause of the trouble.

Medical authorities now confirm what healers have known for a long time, that the primary cause of the greater percentage of disease has it origin in mental stress, frustrations and soul-sicknesses. Such stresses are many and varied, and they can range from heavy business responsibilities to emotional disturbances; from over anxiety concerning the welfare of others, to lack of opportunity to express fully one's motive in lif; from sexual frustration to worry over finacial difficulties. Most of these causes lay within the ininer-self or spirit-mind of the patient, and for this reason they can only be healed on the same level as they exist - namely the spirit level.

The reason why we see, through spiritual healing, the healing of the "incurable," is because the healers in spirit are able to soothe, calm and remove the inner frustrations, thus inducing a more tranquil outlook. In this way the primary cause of so many ill conditions is seen to yield to the healing influencing, thus paving the way to that progressive overcoming of stressful symptoms and ill-effects and so gradually leading to the desired restoration.


There are two main methods of healing: Contact Healing, and Absent (or Distant) Healing.

Contact Healing. which takes place when a patient visits the healer for personal treatment. Contact healing is regularly given in The Santuary and for many conditions it can be of extra benefit. However, all contact healing at The Sanctuary has to be arranged by appointment only and applications should be made in writing to the Appointment Secretary.

Absent Healing, takes place when the healer receives information of the patient's needs, either in writing or from a telephone call to The Sanctuary. Absent healing is conducted through prayerful intercession only and it is effective for all ill conditions, physical and mental. The healer, in a state of attunement, conveys the request to the healers in spirit, who are then able to reach the patient, wherever he, or she, might be - even on the other side of the world.


At The Sanctuary we have always recognised that spiritual healing and medical practice are complementary to each other. Patients applying to The Sanctuary for spiritual healing help are also advised to have a medical opinion in addition to receiving spiritual healing. Spiritual healing does not interfere with medical treatment. On the contrary, its influencing helps the patient to derive the greatest possible advantage from his, or her, medical treatment. We like patients to tell their doctor that they are receiving spiritual healing help as well. However, that is a matter entirely for the individual patient's discretion.


While the first objective is to heal the sick, it is most important for patients to realise that they could not receive healing from spirit unless they were in tune with spirit. In this way, every spiritual healing proves that we are akin to spirit, and that we have a spiritual life ahead of us when this earthly phase of life is finished.

This is the divine and ultimate purpose that lies behind spiritual healilng, giving to us the inspiration and the knowledge of our immortality, and inspiring us at all times to live rightly in God's sight.


Appendix B: National Federation of Spiritual Healing in the United Kingdom

Most of the following information is quoted from the Member Code of Conduct of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers.19

Definition of Spiritual Healing

The Articles of Constitution of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers state:-

By "spiritual healing" is meant the healing for the sick in body, mind or spirit by means of prayer or meditation (whether or not in the presence of the patient) and the laying-on of hands.

The above definition embraces this fuller definition:-

Spiritual healing is the art and science of assisting the restoration of health at all levels of being irrespective  of where ill-health has manifested.

Distinctions of race, class, sex or religion are irrelevant. No affirmation of religious faith is required of the patient.

By the laying-on of hands, by attunement through meditation and prayer, whether or not in the presence of the patient, a healer seeks to induce a beneficial effect upon a patient's life force at all levels of existence.

Spiritual healing may be given for any illness, stress or injury as a therapy which has no side effects and is complementary to any other therapy.

The medically diagnosed nature of severity of the illness is unimportant with regard to the outcome.

Medical policy and ethics

This policy reads in part as follows: "The General Medical Council permits a doctor to suggest or agree to a patient seeking help from a healer provided the doctor continues to give and remain responsible for whatever medical treatment is considered necessary.

"'Patients' Rights', the National Consumer Council Guide for NHS [National Health Service] patients and doctors ... states under 'Alternative treatment within the N.H.S. ... Patients in some NHS hospitals can request healing - providing the doctor treating the patient is told'."

"1500 hospitals agreed to this and it is believed that no hospital would in practice refuse such a request."

"NHS District Authorities and FHSA have discretion to accept Healing as a therapy for which costs will be paid. Some co-operate by making a healing service known to doctors and patients."


"All NFSH (National Federation of Spiritual Healers) Healers and Probationers operating in the United Kingdom are automatically covered by the Sun Alliance Policy upon becoming members of NFSH. This is comprehensive and permits the medical profession to prescribe healing or to co-operate with healers without incurring any liability for the consequences of healing or a healer's acts.

"This policy only covers members when they are carrying out spiritual healing in accordance with" the NFSH "Code of Conduct. It does not cover the practice of other therapies."

"Manipulation and vigorous massage" is "a separate treatment" that "will not be covered by the NFSH insurance policy."

Legal restrictions  

"A parent or guardian who willfully fails to provide adequate medical aid for a child under the age of 16 may be committing a criminal offence. Healing is not medical aid as defined by the law and a healer who treats a child whose parents refuse medical aid might run the risk of being considered as aiding and abetting that offence. Where it is known that the parents are NOT receiving medical attention for the child, healers must secure the signature of the parent or guardian to" a "statement" which the National Federation of Spiritual Healers provides.

"Do not practice dentistry.

"Under the Venereal Diseases Act 1917, it is illegal to treat for reward, whether direct or indirect (e.g. for a 'contribution'), syphilis, gonorrhea or soft chancre. Therefore you may not knowingly give healing to patients suffering from these diseases unless the services are entirely free.

"Midwifery: except in cases of urgency or sudden necessity, it is an offence for anyone other than a certified midwife to attend a women in childbirth without medical supervision, or for anyone other than a registered nurse to attend for reward as nurse on a woman in childbirth or during a period of 10 days thereafter.

"Healers must not prescribe or sell remedies, herbs, supplements, oils etc. unless their training and qualifications entitle them to do so.

"The most likely risk run by a healer from a  legal point of view is a claim in negligence for damages."

Psychic surgery, the trance state and clairvoyant readings are not part of the accepted spiritual healing procedure.

Appendix C: Some secular health care modalities

involve education, not medical treatment

Spiritual massage healing is not the only modalities which does not involve conventional medical treatment.

Juhan pointed out that "Bodywork ... is a kind of sensorimotor education, rather than a treatment or a procedure in the sense common to modern medicine... In this educational experience ... the bodyworker ... is ... not 'fixing' the client.

The bodyworker is not attacking a localized problem with specialized tools... The bodyworker is not an interventionist; he is a facilitator... Touching hands are ... like flashlights in a darkened room. The medicine they administer is like self-awareness. And for many of our painful conditions, this is the aid that is most needed."30

The Feldenkrais professional is a teacher and his clients are students. In Feldenkrais work, "The term 'Lesson' is used ... because the entire process involves learning. .. It is important to note that Feldenkrais has devised an educational system - not a therapeutic one." Feldenkrais is not medical treatment.30 

Thomas Hanna, Ph.D. considered himself a teacher of somatics. "Sensory-motor amnesia is a pathology that is neither medical nor surgical, and it cannot be diagnosed or treated within these traditions. It is a somatic pathology, requiring not treatment  but education… I am not a physician who cures." he wrote, "I am an educator who teaches."21,54

Appendix D: Qualifications of practitioners of secular health care modalities which involve education, not medical treatment

These practitioners do not need the training in anatomy, physiology and pathology that medical doctors, physical therapists and massage therapists are required to take.

Consciousness which, on a level higher than ordinary everyday awareness, results in transcendence is important in spiritual massage. Spiritual massage practitioners in that state are comparable to Therapeutic Touch practitioners who are centered, to Trager practitioners in hook-up and to spiritual healers who are attuned. On that level, spiritual massage, like Therapeutic Touch, is a unique sharing of consciousness as an energy interaction. That is why some people view massage as a spiritual communication.30

Dr. Milton Trager's following comments are instructive. When asked,"How much do you use your formal knowledge of anatomy in your work, and how much do you impart to your trainees?", Dr. Trager replied: "I impart very little to my students. You don't think, 'I am now doing the quadriceps.' You just do it. Physiology, the same thing... I was doing this with a lot of success long before I cracked a book... And now I see my students getting results without all the anatomy, physiology, pathology or anything else... What I really get out of it is to feel the response of the tissue of the person. To feel it actually come up into your hands, feel the change in the body, sense the change in the individual, see the change in the face. Anyone I have ever done is still part of me."30

Dr. Trager explained his concept of hook-up, which is involved in healing, as follows: "You are surrounded by a force, and you don't have to go that far away from your skin to get it. But people are blocked within themselves, so negative, so tense, that this force cannot enter. Once this force comes into them, they are changed people and will function much differently and better than they have ever done before. I am in hook-up all the time I am working, even though I may be talking or joking."30

Dr. John E. Upledger found "that the requirements to do good CranioSacral Therapy were dedication, compassion, sensitivity and the like ... Expectation ... attitude and intention ... have ... tremendous power ... and a lot to do with the outcome... The requisites were not organic chemistry, neurology, materia medica and other science courses."30

Dr. Upledger's ShareCare Program "for lay persons" ... is "a 10-step protocol. This is a series of 10 hands-on steps that, if done with reasonable correctness, will help a patient's CranioSacral System work better whether you as therapist know what you are doing or not. If you use your hands gently and don't try to force anything, you can't do any damage."30

Appendix E: Facilitating Self-Healing

The following comments are quoted from Part C of the 1990 Carlson-Schatz newsletter.8

"The terms healer  and spiritual healing,  which are widely used, imply that one person; i.e., the healer, actually heals someone else. However … it is the body which heals itself.  IAMS (The International Academy of Massage Science) therefore prefers the term facilitator  in lieu of healer. Also, the IAMS concept of healing is self-healing.  Consequently, a facilitator of self-healing  does not diagnose and treat in a medical sense." - Karen Carlson

"You too can heal. My experience has convinced me that the potential to heal lies latent in persons who are willing to reach out beyond themselves in their attempts to heal others; that is, those who have a deep intentionality to heal, a strong motivation in the interest of meeting the needs of others (rather than just bolstering the needs of his or her own ego structure), and the ability to honestly confront the question, 'Why  do I want to play the role of a healer?' If you have these characteristics, you can heal." - Dolores Krieger

"Every one of us is a healer because every one of us at heart has a love for something, for our fellow-man, for animals, for nature, for beauty in some form. And we, every one of us, wish to protect and help it to increase. Every one of us also has sympathy with those in distress, and naturally so because we all have all been n distress ourselves at some time in our lives. We are all healers, and with love and sympathy in our natures we are also able to help anyone who really desires health."- Edward Bache, M.D.

"To heal, on must become attuned to that universal power … a force  that has order as its basis… It does not require intense effort or long years of study, but rather a strong desire to heal and an opening up to your sensitivities. Those simple visualizations, and those relaxed thoughts of letting the energy pour through you are examples  of just how simple it is. Firmly plant your beliefs and your will in helping the ill, then open yourself up to the energy of universal power and visualize the light flowing through you - that is the simple truth of real healing. - Dora Kunz

"People who have a  deep inner yearning to give of themselves in healing the sick, to take away pain and stress, who possess compassion and sympathy for those who are afflicted and are willing to sacrifice their time without any pecuniary reward; people who are generous in their nature, and who render willing service for good causes are those who possess the spiritual qualities which mark the healing gift. This healing potential, then, needs only the development of the faculty of attunement with the spirit source of healing and the opportunity to give it practical expression… One cannot develop the gift [of spiritual healing] by study, as is done in … physical arts and sciences. The gift of healing cannot be conferred by a degree, by ordination, or by the wearing a white coat. It functions when those who have the faculty establish attunement with God's healing ministers in Spirit who indeed are the intelligent administrators of this beneficent power." - Harry Edwards

Appendix F: Edgar Cayce, the "sleeping prophet"

The following information about Edgar Cayce comes from the book The Edgar Cayce Handbook for Health through Drugless Therapy by Dr. Harold J. Reilly and Ruth Hagy Brod.29 "Dr. Harold J. Reilly's forty-five years of clinical experience with the readings constitute an invaluable addition to the record."

Edgar Cayce "has been called the 'sleeping prophet of Virginia Beach,' 'America's most mysterious man,' 'religious seer,' and medical telepathist or clairvoyant. Who was he?'

"It depends on through whose eyes you look at him. A goodly number of his contemporaries knew the 'waking' Edgar Cayce as a gifted professional photographer. Another group (predominantly children) admired him as a warm and friendly Sunday-school teacher. His own family knew him as a wonderful husband and father."

"The sleeping Edgar Cayce was ... a psychic, known to thousands of people from all walks of life who had cause to be grateful for his help. Indeed, many of them believed that he alone had either saved or changed their lives when all seemed lost. The 'sleeping' Edgar Cayce was a medical diagnostician, a prophet, and a devoted proponent of Bible lore." He began giving readings in 1901.

"A group of physicians ... discovered that Cayce needed to be given only the name and address of a patient, wherever he was, to be able to tune in telepathically to that individual's mind and body as easily as if they were both in the same room. He needed no other information regarding any patient."

"Cayce ... specialize[d] in 'medical rejects' - those who [had] abandoned all hope of obtaining help from conventional drug-oriented therapies. His success in treating 'hopeless' patients further spread his fame."

Cayce had no formal scientific, nutritional or medical education, knowledge or training of any kind that would prepare him for the readings. "Cayce confessed ... 'I have no medical knowledge at all. I am just a channel for the information that comes through in the readings."

"Actually, Cayce was being modest. Although he had never been formally trained, he had studied the readings for thirty-odd years, and by the time I [Reilly] met him he was no longer the uninformed country boy he had been in his youth, when he started using his remarkable gift of clairvoyance. He had learned and had come to know a great deal."

"Cayce, when in a trance, produced nearly 15,000 'readings' for people he never saw, prescribing therapies and remedies that often produced cures or improvement long after medical science had given up hope."

"When asked how he could diagnose for a person thousands of miles away whom he had never seen, Cayce replied as follows:

'The information as given or obtained from this body [the person] is gathered from the sources from which the suggestion (which was given verbally to Mr. cayce by the conductor of the reading) may derive its information.

'In this [trance] state the conscious mind becomes subjugated to the subconscious, superconscious or soul mind; and may and does communicate with like minds - and the subconscious or soul force becomes universal. From any subconscious mind information may be obtained, either from this plane or from the impressions as left by the individuals that have gone on before...

Through the forces of the soul, through the minds of others as presented, or that have gone on before; through the subjugation of the physical forces in this manner, the body [Edgar Cayce] obtains the information.'"

"The famous phrase with which Edgar Cayce from a trance state opened thousands of psychic readings, "Yes, we have the body." begins to make sense in this book. Man must begin where he is. If he cannot heal himself, how can he be a channel of healing for his fellowmen? Here, completely blended, are the ingredients for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance which every man seeks." - Hugh Lynn Cayce (Foreword)29

"The Cayce therapies and remedies are timeless - reaching back into the past over the centuries and often projecting into the future, anticipating by many years discoveries of science and research to validate them. Cayce was tapping into 'universal sources of intelligence' and receiving from them the natural laws of the universe. The wisdom Cayce received recognized the God-given ability of the human body, mind, and spirit to heal themselves. This is why it works as well today as it did when Cayce was alive, if properly interpreted."

"Where did he get his knowledge of the value of so many different therapies for different individuals - for no two were ever alike? This was uncanny, for with all my knowledge and experience, I [Reilly] found it practically impossible to improve on his suggestions. I also found it hard to understand how a man could go to sleep and give as good or better advice  than I was able to give in my waking state."

"Both Edgar Cayce and Harold Reilly were more concerned with keeping people well and finding causes of illness than in curing symptoms."

"When Edgar Cayce died on January 3, 1945, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, he left documented stenographic records of the telepathic clairvoyant statements he had given for more than six thousand different people over a period of forty-three years. The Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc., a psychical research society, was formed in 1932 to preserve and research this data. Its library in Virginia Beach contains copies of 14,246 of Edgar Cayce's psychic readings, stenographically recorded. Of this number, 8,976, or about 64 percent, describe the physical disabilities of several thousand persons and suggest treatment for their ailments.

"For a great many physicians, medical studies of treatment patterns for a number of major physical diseases seemed to suggest the advisability of testing Edgar Cayce's theories. With this in mind, the physical readings have been made .available to a clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, staffed by five medical doctors. Through written reports and yearly conferences, information on results of treatment are being made available to more than 250 M.D.s and osteopaths.

"The Edgar Cayce readings constitute one of the largest and most impressive records of psychic perception ever to emanate from a single individual. Together with their relevant records, correspondence, and reports, they have been cross-indexed under thousands of subject headings and placed at the disposal of psychologists, physicians, students, writers, and investigators who still come in increasing numbers, to examine them."

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